Litty Fidget Spinners: WHO ARE WE?

About The Litty Fidget Spinners Company

Family with fidget spinners


Litty (adjective): [Lit-teee] To be cool. The coolest of the cool. If it were any cooler it would be a polar bears toe nail chilling on top of a North Pole drinking Coca-Cola or something.

So who are the "Litty" people that run this company?

We're just a cool down to earth family ran business where all of our kids go crazy over the latest fidget spinners. We try to make sure everyone is happy with their purchase and test every fidget spinner that comes into our home.

We treat every customer like our family and appreciate everyone's support in our small business. We hope that you enjoy the small hobby of spinning these awesome fidget spinners like us!

If you ever have a question, an idea to help us become better, or an issue - please feel free to contact us via email (fidgetersrus or simply fill out the contact us form CLICK HERE. We will respond as fast as possible.


Thank You So Much and KEEP IT LITTY!




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